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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Confidence is a preference

But is it though? I would love to be more confident, it would make getting through the day that little bit easier. I really think when you've had people telling you you can't do something for long enough, you start to believe you can't do anything. Even if I know I can do something deep down, I tell myself I can't do it and that it's all a huge waste of time.

I would love to be the sort of person that can do anything they put their hand to, and have the confidence to believe so completely in themselves. But i'm not. And as such I take every little setback as evidence that I should just climb back into my hole and let everyone else do the stuff that i'd like to do but don't have the self belief to do.

Just got this horrible feeling that i'm going to completely fall on my arse and not be able to get back up again.


Blogger flajol said...

Don't let anyone give you any crap. They're talking out of the wrong orifice. I have faith in you. And for what it's worth, you come across as full of confidence. :o)

12:02 am  
Blogger Mandy said...

You absolutely CAN do anything!!

Whoever is telling you otherwise has their own insecurities and issues - believe me. If someone feels the need to make derogatory comments about other people or their talents then it is masking their own shortcomings.

Don't let them get you down. xx

7:29 pm  
Blogger crafty fox said...

hi I need your help. it's Caroline from ukswap. I have a 'drop spindle?' and some thick wool in a kit. How do I use it? Since my stroke I don't have much confidence but the group I go to say no such word as 'Can't'. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks

3:39 pm  

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