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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sleep Tight Dante McCafferty

November has been the worst month ever.

Tonight we got the knock on the door we've dreaded since we got our beloved tabby cat Dante 18 months ago. Someone had found him in the road, he'd been hit by a car and killed.

To say we're devastated doesn't come close, I can't believe how much you can love something so small. This is why I can't sleep and i'm blogging (and knitting) at 3am. I want to turn the clock back because I want my cat back, the Dante shaped hole is too big and I can't not think about it.

All I can be is grateful we got to have him for 18 fantastic months, despite how much this hurts I wouldn't have been without him. It's going to be hard telling the boys, Leo won't understand but I know he'll miss him, he's always stroking him and looking for him. Hard to guage Thomas, he's not been overtly Dante orientated, but I think he'll miss him too.

Night night dear Dante, enjoy your eternity tormenting mice and birds and sleeping in the sun. Your humans will miss you so so much.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lets play catchup

Wow, look, its been well over a month. And what a month!!!

So, i've been in and out of hospital with the dreaded gallbladder, the longest stint being 2 weeks with obstructive jaundice when one of the blinkin stones got stuck in the bile duct and turned me a rather fetching shade of yellow and made me incredibly itchy. It also led to one of the most painful attacks to date as I passed the stone. Ugh. I never want to feel pain like that again! Two weeks in RPH and all that happened was a scan to say yes theres a stone there, a camera down throat thing to find the stone the day after the attack so it wasn't there anymore, then another scan to confirm it had gone. Anyway, after all that trauma I finally got a cancellation to have the blasted gallbladder removed so yesterday in I went for keyhole surgery and now it's gone. I'm home again after one night in (funny how you can have surgery and they keep you in a night, but they spend two weeks faffing around after a stone!) and i'm a tad sore and full of a horrid cold which isn't helping me feel good, but on the whole i'm ok. My mummy is coming on saturday to look after me and the boys for a week as DH has zero holiday left!

I spent monday dyeing wool for custom orders, so if i owe you wool, it's done and just needs posting! I'm a bit miffed really as I wanted to keep on top of the shop and this last month has really taken it out of me. Hopefully now it's gone I can get back to normal again.

I did manage to do some knitting while I was in, I did 4 more Lizard Ridge squares during my 2 week RPH stint, I also started a sock and 'My So Called Scarf' with some gorgeous Manos Del Uraguay wool I got in a swap (thankyou swappee, I will get round to posting on AY asap).

Anyway, i'm absolutely shattered, so i'm going to finish watching this disgrace of a football match and then roll into bed!

Gemma x