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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello Blogland!

I've been on holiday, hoorah! Only to my mums for a week, but still a nice break with the boys. And tomorrow, the man is coming to do the patio and make my garden lovely! Yay!
On the way home today we took a little detour to Bristol to what will now be my Mecca, the Get Knitted retail shop *cue Waynes World-esque we're not worthy type noises*. Needless to say my yarn diet went right out the window! Wanna see pics? Of course you do ;)

The complete haul, which consists of....

Colinette Jitterbug in Kingfisher

Two skeins of Fleece Artist Merino in Cosmic Dawn and Jester

Two odd skeins of Lornas Laces for the ankle socks in this months Knit Today, in Forest and Tahoe, and a ball of SWTC Tofutsies in who knows what colour, it doesnt say!

And a skein of Schaefer Anne sock yarn in Lazy Days as recommended by Nic (so her fault entirely)

I also grabbed 2 of the new Addi Lace needles to have a try. Lots of haul, I could have spent all day in there, it's heaven. As you can see, it's all sock related! I'm on a right sock kick at the moment. At mums I got my Monkey socks finished, good in that it was major progress and no sign of second sock syndrome, bad in that my mum liked them and promptly stole them! Here they are in all their glory!

And modelled by my mummy!

2 x 50g balls of Jojoland Quartette on 2.5mm Addi turbo 80cm circ, took about a week on and off, the second one took me two days I was so into it!

My shop is nearly out of aran yarn so this week is dedicated to the art of dyeing hoorah! Speaking of which, here's some custom laceweight I did for a friend, I think I love it...

And to finish here's some pictures from the week...

Thomas on a tractor at Finkley Farm on a glorious sunny day!

And Gruffalo hunting in Grandmas woods...

And resting with Daddy.

And Leo doing what Leo does best...

Back later in the week with the results of the dye fest!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

1 Big Recap

Well we went to Radio 1's Big Weekend today, and it was absolutely fantastic!!! We only live a 15 minute walk from Moor Park, and despite the fact it looked like it was going to hammer down all weekend if the weather forecast was to be believed, in actual fact the sun shone and it was glorious!

Behold the lovely weather!

And behold Stu feasting on some dubious festival food!

I stuck to a good old fashioned Cambridge bar! MMMMM (not!)

We managed to see most of the bands I wanted to, with a couple of exceptions, namely the Klaxons and Maximo Park, but never mind!

First up we went in the In New Music We Trust tent and saw The Enemy, who were totally fantastic, and i'll even forgive them for making me feel very old by looking so young!

Then we hung around to watch Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly, who I have to say was my favourite of the day, awesome doesn't come close! And, possibly the coolest name for a band, ever!

We then nipped very sharpishly over to the main tent to see Mark Ronson, mainly because i've just bought the album and I was keen to see how it translated live. And again, it was awesome. Stu wasn't overly keen, but he reckons that's because he doesn't 'get it'. What's to get! Some very cool versions of songs I already love, like Radiohead's 'Just', and the Kaisers 'Oh My God'. Brilliant!

After that we had a bit of a bask in the sunshine whilst listening to Pete Tong and Vernon doing some head to head djing type shenanigans. That's something I don't get really, i'm not one for all that mixing, but it was good none the less.

After that we went and had a squizz at Mika who was a lot of fun and really does have a great voice. He danced about like a loon and had funky trousers on, cool! Oh and he sang a song about big girls and had a curvy girl in a corset dancing about. Heh.

Then it was The View who I was really looking forward to seeing, and they didn't disappoint. Again I felt quite old, they are all young lads, and I definately felt like a mum because I kept thinking about how one of them needed to brush his hair. Still, great music! And they seem to have a pretty hardcore fan following, we had two in front of us doing synchronised dances and everything!

After the view it was the Stereophonics who played a huge array of their hits as well as some new ones, really, really good. The main stage was heaving at this point and little me got quite squished!

We then nipped outside for a breather, which in hindsight was a mistake, before the final act of the day, the Kaiser Chiefs. Struggled to get back in the tent, it was rammed! And despite mr lead singer man being a tad on the arrogant side I feel, they were fantastic live, never seen them live before and it was ace. I now have no voice from singing so loudly, and I bounced about, and generally had a fantastic time!

General ponderings and things that made me smile on the day go as follows....

1. There were a huge amount of inflated condoms bouncing about, I predict a baby boom amoungst the student population of Preston in the not too distant future...

2. There is a huge array of fast food available at festivals these days, you could have noodles, curry, burgers, mexican, carvery, veggie, pizza, fish and chips, you name it, they had it! I'm hungry now.

3. They had this thing running whereby if you took your paper beer cups back to a special recycling tent you got 10p back. Cue lots, and lots, and lots of student types collecting the cups from people and from bins. Nice. Even saw a respectable middle aged dad type on his hands and knees routing through a bin pulling the cups out. His son was sensibly pretending he wasn't with him.

4. I saw absolutely no one I knew, but I did see hundreds of people who looked like people I knew but weren't. Odd.
5. I only saw 1 celebrity type, Nikki Sanderson a.k.a Candice from Corrie. She was sitting on an expensive looking leather jacket on the grass rummaging through a very nice handbag. I whiled away a good 15 minutes watching people none too subtly spot her, then circle her to make sure it was her, and occasionally have pirtures taken with her. I was happily maintaining an air of dignified indifference to the celeb 10 feet away until Stu came back from investing more money in the dodgy burger and beer industry and took a photo of her. Men.

6. I only saw 1 other person wearing the same wellies as me.

7. The latest thing in fashion seems to be looking like you should have woken up 20 years ago. Honestly, I saw so many girls today who looked identical to the girls in those photo stories you used to get in jackie magazine or whatever it was called in the 80's. Or like the girls Rodney dated in the early Fools and Horses. Heh. I'm just jealous obviously.
All in all, a really great day, great for Preston, and I don't feel so bad about living up here now!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Togs

Stu pissed me off last night by coming to bed at 6am, thus rendering himself useless for everything all day pretty much, which was annoying as I wanted to work! Git.

Therefore, it was only fair that I helped myself to the £50 of next vouchers I found in the sunny room from one of his birthdays eons ago, and took myself to the Trafford Centre to spend them.

I got myself a couple of nice tops in Next, and I also got myself a lovely pair of wedgy shoes, with heels damnit, from Faith. I never buy nice shoes ever! I love them, they make me taller.

I hit 6 stone on the weight front this week too, i'm still really hit and miss with the diet though. Hmmm.

This was me at crimbo at a too huge 19 stone

This is me now, a slimmer but still overweight 13 stone. But hey, i have new clothes and lovely shoes!!!

The spare tyre of loose skin around my tummy is bothering me. A lot. But look at the lovely shoesssssss, and the lovely kickflare jeans! Nice clothes make me smiley.

So, knitting!

Well I just freaked myself out by taking pictures of my WIP's! Eek!

So the purple blob is getting bigger, can't photograph it at all now. Think I have about 40 rounds to go, but then consider that each round has about 900 stitches on it. Ack

So i'm taking part in a sockathon on Angel Yarn Forums. Only I can't seem to only do one pair at a time, so I have all three pairs on the go...

Opal Rainforest - Parrot

Monkey Socks in some lovely Jojoland Quartette - and notice, they are on one long circ! I have finally discovered the joy of the magic loop!

And finally Bayerische in Cherry Tree Hill merino

I'm also having a crack at Spring Things shawl in Posh Yarns cashmere laceweight in Peacock. It's soooooo soft!

And yeah, writing an essay too, but blah to that!

Not much on the go then!

Oooooh, but I do have tickets to Radio 1's Big Weekend tomorrow! I knew living in Preston would pay off one day! So I shall be doing a Sunday sky (who needs a saturday one!) from there tomorrow!!! Woooooo hoooo!

Ta ta!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's a secret....

The names went out for the Angel Yarns Summer Secret Santa yesterday, i've been stalking my swappee already, how much fun is that! Anyway, reading other peoples posts, wish lists seem to be popular, so i'm going to see if she has one, then I may make my own!

Anyway, if by chance you're stalking me here secret santa, shall I help you out?

Ok! Well then, hello, my name is Gemma and i'm a yarnaholic! Browsing through my posts will give you a clue of just how much!

I like to knit small fiddly things, mostly lace and socks, i'm currently knitting socks for the sockalong, the spring things shawl and the shoalwater shawl knitalongs. Oh, and have an enormous circular shawl from VLT on the needles. I like lace a lot.

I do really fancy making a booga bag though....

I like smelly things, especially those bath bars from Lush, the Ma Bar is the closest I get to chocolate at the moment, due to the months of dieting i've been doing *dramatic sigh*

I'm not keen on fashion yarns, you know the ones, the funky furs etc etc, acrylic isn't way up my fav list either.

I'm so fussy!

I'm going to do my wishlist now!