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Monday, July 31, 2006

Lazy Days

Another weekend of doing not much at all, not that I'm complaining, chilling out with the boys in the garden is lovely. We did manage to get to B&Q to get some paint, so hopefully work can commence on Leo's room imminently and we'll soon have our bedroom back. Hoorah!

The cat had the most excitement of the weekend, being returned by the neighbours twice after wandering off. Friday night he was returned to us dripping wet and wrapped in a teatowel after taking a nose dive into the neighbours pond. You'd think jumping in the bath and being introduced to the paddling pool by Thomas would have put the cat off water for life, apparently not!

I've been getting on with my knitting at every opportunity. I had to frog it once after it became apparent I'd managed to twist it on the circs somehow, but the second attempt has been much more successful. 31 rounds done (see piccy!) including a few techniques I haven't used before. Thankfully my knitting guru Sarah (BabyLongLegs) has been on hand to talk me through it and I can now insert a short row with wrap alongside the best of them! The wool looks a bit like an explosion in a paint factory but it's knitting up brightly if nothing else, so we wont be losing Leo when he's wearing them that's for sure!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Love Koolaid

Hot hot hot! That's what it is tonight, humid, muggy, ugh. Can't sleep and to cap it off, the root is going in one of my teeth and it hurts. Still, went to the dentist and he is going to refer me to the conscious sedation clinic so I don't have to be aware when they attempt to repair the mess that is my mouth. Phew.

Did some koolaid dying yesterday to get some gorgeous bluefaced leicester wool ready to turn into some funky longies for Leo. The effect wasn't quite what I was going for (see piccy) and each of the three balls looks different, but hey, i'm still learning, and it's not like Leo will be complaining about how his longies look just yet!

I've started knitting the longies on circs which is my first time using them. I had no idea how to go about knitting longies on the round, but a lovely lady from MumsOnline is helping me out god bless her! I'll post a piccy of my progress tomorrow when the knitting has grown a bit, but so far so good!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Thats the only problem with going away - coming back to 2 tons of washing and a house you forgot you left messy in your hurry to get gone! Still, its always nice to see washing drying on the line, even if the line is a haphazard affair stretching back and forth across the driveway!

Got some more wool for my stash before I went away, theres a wool shop oppostite the place where Stu is having his physio and they had a big basket outside with wool for 50p a ball in. Got some nice Sirdar soft cotton which coincidently is the recommended wool for a shawl my mum wants me to crochet for her from this months Simply Knitting. Handy!

And I also had fluffy mail while I was away too! A gorgeous Clwt-Twt bamboo nappy I got on Ebay, very soft and snuggly and he looks lush in it (see piccy!), and also my order from Apple Tree Nappies I got with my voucher from Lancs County Council. 3 Ellas House Bumhuggers, an Ellas House Print nappy with outer space on it (very cool), 2 Motherease Airflow wraps and 2 silk liners. Hooray for real nappy schemes! I might have to start pruning my stash of nappies at this rate!

And yet more mail, this time from America from my friend Melody. She sent me over some koolaid for my next wool dying project, and a little care bear outfit I got on american ebay for Leo. She also sent Leo a my first carebear toy and a video for Thomas, lovely Melody!

It's going to be hard restraining myself from dying wool tomorrow, but I have to smoosh some sweet potatoes and carrots up for the bibble and put the 2 tons of clean clothes away.

Busy mummy!